The Millennium Education – Pakistan

The Millennium Early Years

TMEY is a home of love, Joy & Creativity where little millennial feel safe, happy, valued and respected. Academic structure of early years education programme is comprised of four levels.

Unlocking Potential: Early Years Program at ROOTS Millennium School

Step into a World of Learning and Discovery

TMEY understands the significance of the early years in a child’s development. Our Early Years Program is meticulously designed to provide a nurturing environment that stimulates curiosity, fosters creativity, and lays the foundation for a lifelong love of learning. Dive into a captivating journey with us as we explore the key pillars of our program.

  1. Playful Learning for Holistic Development

    Engaging Activities for Curious Minds

    Early literacy and numeracy skills are crucial building blocks for future academic success. Our program introduces these concepts in a playful manner, using age-appropriate methods to ensure that children develop a strong foundation in reading, writing, and basic mathematics while fostering a genuine enthusiasm for acquiring knowledge.

  2. Cultivating Social Skills and Emotional Intelligence
    Instilling Confident and Compassionate Individuals

    In addition to academic skills, our Early Years Program places a strong emphasis on social development and emotional intelligence. Through group activities, collaborative projects, and guided discussions, children learn to express themselves, understand others, and navigate the complexities of emotions, setting the stage for positive relationships and effective communication.

  3. A Safe and Stimulating Environment
    Child’s Second Home

    We prioritize creating a secure and stimulating environment where children feel comfortable to explore and express themselves. Our dedicated team of educators are not just teachers but caring mentors, guiding each child on their unique learning journey and providing the support they need to flourish.

  4. Parent-Teacher Partnership
    Working Hand-in-Hand for Your Child’s Success

    We believe that education is a collaborative effort between parents and teachers. Our transparent communication channels and regular updates ensure that you are an integral part of your child’s educational experience. Together, we create a strong support system that maximizes your child’s potential.

Facilities for early years

  • Air-conditioned, spacious and well equipped classrooms with reading, writing, art, science, free play and discovery centers.
  • Multiple Intelligence(s) enabled Activity Centers; having EPL, Mathematical and Sensory areas to work with scientific apparatus.
  • Music centers, kitchen labs, puppetry theaters and storytelling areas.
  • Interactive outdoor play areas for physical development.
Early Learning Approach
Parental Involvement and Reflection
Digital Learning Environment
Learning Management System (LMS)
Story Telling Sessions and Puppertry
Kitchen Lab
Clubs and Societies
Well Being Care and Support

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