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Bring Your Difference!

Roots Millennium Careers Inspire to Bring the difference and define your journey.

The Millennium Education believes that it is essential to employ and retain the best people who will bring innovation benefiting teaching and learning processes. We are always ready to talk to talented people like you!

  • Look through the vacant positions in order to apply for Roots Millennium School jobs and read the Job Description, if you think this is right job for you, click on Apply!
  • Our online application portal will help you to upload your CV, add your specifications, current location and submit.
  • All submitted applications will be evaluated in light of relevance to the job requirements and according to Roots Careers Policy only the best of the best will be able to join in the TME family.
  • Having made it into the shortlist, you would be then contacted by Recruitment team for Demo, specific assessment and initial interview with the hiring campus management team within the respective campus against the vacancy. Feedback would then be shared with the recruitment team for further action. Depending upon the position criticality more than one panel interview can be taken place for a specific role.
  • After final selection, HR interviews will be conducted at Head office where behavioral competences will be assessed in light of the job requirement. According to Roots Millennium Careers the HR team will proceed with you on formal offer after successful salary negotiations according to Roots Millennium School salary package policy. Roots school teacher salary and staff salary depends on their experiences and expertise.
  • A formal employment contact is made to sign and you will be required to communicate the joining date.

Everyone is encouraged to create your profile in our database to allow us to contact you with regards to your application.

Our Values

Roots Millennium School is the best school in Islamabad that strives for excellence in achieving its goals through the School Development Plan SDP. Students, staff members and employees are engaged intellectually, motivated to achieve great results, act with integrity, respect others and take responsibility for their actions and thus play a helping role in building an environment of mutual growth within and outside the school community.

Why Choose us ?

We pride in ourselves for providing high quality learning environment to all our students, staff members and employees and high academic success they achieve. We aim to recruit highly qualified teachers and ensures every child identifies themselves as a capable leader who know how to reach to their goals.