The Millennium Education – Pakistan

Millennium Chinese Language Programme

Founder Millennium Confucius Classroom Chinese Language Department first coined the slogan of Pakistan and China together making up 21% of the world’s population. He believes that the youth on both sides of the border is the untapped resource that needs to be utilized in the 21st century, and this driving force will be responsible for the growth and development of Pakistan and China. An empowered youth together can change the picture of this region in this opinion and his slogan of 21:21 which means 21% of the total population in the 21% century has now become a household name in Pak China context. Education is the common factor that can play a key role in unifying the youth of the two nations.

The Millennium Confucius Classroom school curriculum and teaching initiative have now created a vista of opportunities for the youth on both sides of the border. Chinese Language teaching through school curriculum is the common denominator that can play a key role in unifying the youth of two nations. The Chinese Language Program initiative at The Millennium Education has created magic and ripples across Pakistani academia, intellectuals, think tanks, media, civil society, government offices, and diplomatic circles; permits TME offering best chinese language course in Pakistan ; where nearly 8500 students are studying Chinese Language as full time course of their school curriculum from grade 3 till grade 8.

Chaudhary Faisal Mushtaq believes that Chinese Cultural exchange programs and people-to-people exchange is the key to strengthening the deep-rooted friendship between Pakistan and China. Over the past 70 years our two countries have developed an all-weather friendship and conducted multi-dimensional cooperation. Pak- China friendship has remained as strong as a rock standing firm despite the passage of time. To deliver World-class education where the rest of the World is Increasingly Multilingual a well-rounded education includes high-quality language learning. Understanding and proficiency in any foreign language need time and Chinese is no exception. To indisputably understand the significance of Chinese Language Millennium Confucius Classroom offers the best Chinese language course in Pakistan across the Roots Millennium Schools, in the private sector, with the aim of allowing the students to get linguistically literate and culturally competent. Millennium Chinese Language Department has 18 Full-Time Teachers and nearly 8500 students learning the Chinese Language. This has promoted cultural, social, business, and educational opportunities in China and Pakistan for the benefit of our future generations.