The Millennium Education – Pakistan

Chinese National Day celebration at Future World School Wahid Campus

Future World School Wahid Campus celebrated the Confucius Day and the 69 Anniversary of China’s National Day, where His Excellency had a guided tour to the Chinese Cultural stalls which executed diversity through inclusive Chinese Culture. His Excellency was followed by the diplomatic protocol and student community to the Cultural stalls. The Cultural stall was a true depiction of rich Chinese culture and tradition. CRI-Roots Millennium Confucius Classroom displayed Chinese Papercutting, Calligraphy, Chinese traditional Hair ornaments, Chinese Domino, Chinese Games, Chopsticks usage, Tai chi Martial Arts and Chinese Food stalls. The Chinese Ambassador enjoyed Calligraphy and played table tennis with the students of Wahid Campus. The exquisite Pakistani Cuisine was liked by His Excellency.

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